Where to start

I don’t know where to start

my life is just falling apart

from being taken from my home

I’m speaking straight from the dome

My world is crashing

lights still flashing

my dad dead

now how do I get fed

I’m now in foster care

my life just isn’t fair

I’ve done messed up

now drinking from these styrofoam


I’m locked up in here

now living in fear

not knowing when I’m coming home

not knowing when I’ll see my family

Sitting in my cell crying

while my dreams go up there flying.

– Jo G


My name is Zeus

no not Dr. Seuss

The god in the sky

The one that rules.

I’m the King of Kings

The god of gods

I’m the great and wonderful

like the Wizard of Oz.

I’m powerful and great

Reincarnation is my fate,

I shall never die, I shall never age.

I control the lightning I control the skies

The vast universe is trapped in my eyes.

I’ve lived for long, I’ve seen all wrongs

from war, violence and the dropping of bombs.

I’ve also seen love, peace and hope

Remembering that fact is what makes me cope.

These three simple words with massive emotion

are what I use to shut down the commotion.

Love makes me feel connected

hope makes me feel electric,

peace needs to be invented.

Human rights are fading

cops are being filled with hatred

killing innocent kids in the street

who just trying to make it.

Sadly I can’t stop the world, I can’t make it work

all I can do is look down and see it be


Truth Behind the Fox

It may be a fact that the Fox is sly
But has anyone taken time to meet the guy
Is his reason for being quiet because he’s shy
He may be jealous of the birds’ ability to fly
But maybe we’re right and he isn’t too good
Maybe he’s acting the way he thinks he should
Or to survive he might have done all he could
There is a possibility he’s the animal kingdom’s hood.
Or in his mind he believes he’s an outcast
Giving him cause to run faster than fast
He may have had a heartbreaking past
Yet he is the one that people trust last
Not all foxes grow to be the worst or the same
They don’t all think of life as a sick game
And yet they’re all subjected to feel great shame
But in my eye they all have potential to gain fame.
– Shane


in life you’ll make mistakes, as we all will do,

And it seems like you don’t have enough to even make do.

Your faith may be low, and the tide real high,

and you can’t get above water no matter how hard

you try. If you feel at the end and say “This is it”

stop and take a breather but just don’t quit.

Your journey may be full of twists and curves

but if you hold on tight you can make it

through the swerves. If you stay the course,

when you’re down and out, you may be amazed

at how quickly things turn around.  Don’t give up

before the race is done, just take one step, then another

one. The end is near even though it appears

to be far, you’ll be surprised to know

how close you are.  Here’s something to recall

when you path is darkest lit, it’s always

darkest before dawn and you can make it

if you just don’t quit.


*Guest from the girls’ unit

Long Branch Cal City

Long Branch Cal City

Where I’m from

Fiends walking around everywhere

Actin’ all dumb

Old heads on the block getting money

Loud noises that sound like a drum

But in all reality we know it’s a gun.

Being young on the block I seen a lot

From people getting robbed,

Beat up or even shot.

As a young boy in my time

Of course I thought it was cool,

Old heads told me don’t be like them

and go to school and don’t be a fool.

How can I do that if I look up to

them.  Seeing them with big chains

nice cars and a lot of money dressed

all well and never looking bummy.

Seeing all that made me think that

was life, until I seen one of my closest

home boy get hit with 25 to life.

– Jb